How did it all begin? What’s the problem?

format_quoteIs it just us, or does booking spa and salon appointments seem like more work than it should be? Women are busy. We are professional. We are moms. We have a lot on our plates today, and don’t have time to interrupt our day and pick up the phone only to find it engaged, nobody answering or be put on hold, and eventually have to negotiate with the receptionist:

— When would you like to come?
— Tuesday morning
— We don’t have anything on Tuesday, we have Thursday
— I can’t come on Thursday

Huffington Post, 2013

The Solution: the GoBeauty app was born.

format_quoteWow, now this is handy! With the GoBeauty app you can instantly access beauty places and book appointments in your area, whether you are at work, home, shopping or on the move

Kim Grey, 2014

format_quoteWe're beyond stoked about the just-launched app, which is one of those brilliant, why-didn't-I-think-of-that ideas that could transform the way we book beauty appointments. Through the very simply designed app, you can browse a map of beauty salons and spas in your area and immediately book your appointments.

BeautyNetwork - 2015

GoBeauty today.

3 years after it was launched, GoBeauty is fast becoming the go-to place for all of your beauty needs; it has been labelled “Uber for Beauty” and “Tripadvisor for beauty places”.

Designed to make your life easier, you can search and find a ‘Beauty salon’ in your area or ‘Manicure in Johannesburg’ or ‘Dermalogica Facial in Cape Town’. Create your own private page on GoBeauty, add your favourite salons, book your treatments, review places you visited, and instantly buy and send gift vouchers across South Africa.

For salons and spas.

A unique way to communicate to customers your features and qualities, what are you best known for, your experience and expertise, showcase your salon and most popular treatments and what customers like about you; introduce yourself to new customers and enable them to book with confidence that no customer will go without a response to their booking made online.

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